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  • Project Coordination and Resources Management

  • System Setting and Configuration

  • Testing and Commissioning

  • Project Manager and Site Supervisor Insourcing

  • Trunking Conduits & Cable Containment 

  • Field Equipment Installation

  • Site Labour Supply 

  • Services and Maintenance

  • ELV and AV System Design & Consultation
  • System Integration
  • Software Programming
  • Back to Back subcontracting services




Construction Engineering

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Trunking Conduits & Cable Containment

  • Make, Install, repair and replace all types / sizes of trunking, conduit.

  • Cable containment Services

Field Equipment Installation

  • On-site installation of the following equipment
  • Extra-Low Voltage

  • Audio-Visual 

  • Lighting Control Systems

  • BMS 

Site Labour Supply

  • Licensed Site labor for quick and professional execution. 

  • We have pool of well-trained labors for fitting client’s project requirement

Services and Maintenance

  • With a team of experienced engineers standby, we could provide you with a maintenance service plan that best suits your needs and requirements.

  • Services and Maintenance scope including system maintenance, on-site repairs and off-site technical support 

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Project Management

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Project Coordination and Resources Management

  • Meeting with clients/main contractor for update user requirement

  • Monitoring Project Schedule

  • Project Budget Control

  • Labors management

  • Liaison with others site contractors

  • Time to time Reporting

Testing & Commissioning 

  • Testing equipment with reports for client’s acceptance

  • Immediate troubleshooting for solutions

  • Systems setup and programming

  • BMS sensor testing

Project Manager & Site Supervisor Insourcing

  • Offer independent and experienced Project Manager to reinforce project management with professional reporting.

  • Offer independent and experienced Site supervisor to reinforce labor management and immediate trouble shooting

System Setting and Configuration

  • Perform system implementation and configuration by our expert and certified team of engineers and support technicians

System Design & Build

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ELV and AV System Design & Consultation

  • System design based on customer’s requirement from professionals with experience

  • Our consultants work closely with customer at every stage of a project and provide advice that is entirely focused on your needs

System Integration

  • Provide solutions by integrating or automating different systems

Software Programming

  • Develop software for entertainment or interfaces such as Hologram, AR, path finding systems, Central Control systems​

Back to Back Subcontracting Services

  • Offer back to back comprehensive subcontracting service for large, specialized or diversified projects.

  • Clients can be beneficial in terms of management cost, quality, efficiency and liability free

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