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How to choose the RIGHT

Direct-View LED Display


The usage of LED Display for both indoor and outdoor advertisement are common now these days, and they are fast becoming one of the best marketing tools.

Choosing a right Direct-View LED Display determines the success of your advertising, also the reputation and brand image of the company. In this quick guide, we will try to help you for better LED Display decision.

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What are

pixel pitch

and Why is it



When selecting a Direct View LED Display, the most fundamental decision must make is what pixel pitch to choose.


Pixel pitch is center to center distance of pixels.

The shorter pixel pitch the higher resolution and better quality of the image will be. Today, fine pitch LED display

are within the range from 0.7mm to approximately 2.9mm. Standard pitches are approximately 3mm and larger.


Of course: the higher the number of pixels,

the more expensive the screen will be. Therefore, to find the ideal balance between a good visibility and a competitive price at the time of buying your LED display, we must be very clear about the following aspects:

Viewing Distance

(the distance away from the video wall that a person must stand in order to have a satisfactory viewing experience).


Viewing distance is the main factor to decide about the pixel pitch. A common guideline is that a comfortable viewing distance equates to 1 meter for every millimeter of pitch. So a 1mm pixel pitch display looks good as close as 1 meter away, whereas a 2.5mm pixel pitch LED display is best seen from 2.5 meter or further back. When viewers are closer than the optimal minimum viewing distance, our eyes start to see the individual LED lights and the viewing experience is degraded.


if the display has a viewing distance of more than 20 m, it does not make sense to acquire a high-resolution LED screen, since the recipients of the digital advertising you broadcast will not be able to appreciate this quality.




Whether it is an outdoor or indoor LED screen – to determine the protection and brightness it must have to achieve.

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Advertising Media

The choice of LED Display also depends on advertising material. If you decided to use scrolling text only LED display, you can choose minimum character height and lower resolution display.


But, if decide to have an eye catching LED Display with image, backgrounds and video support then you need to make it bigger and with higher resolution, so that more room and better quality for image, background and other animated object.


Our Professional Team will help you.

Equal Rich offers professional

engineering services and end-to-end

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